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sáb, 19 nov


IDRR -Lemongrass Hill


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Time & Location

19 nov 2022, 9:00 – 20 nov 2022, 16:00

IDRR -Lemongrass Hill , Manathoor-Karimkunnam Shortcut Rd, Karimkunnam, Kerala 685586, India

About the Event

Dentistry 2023  November 19-20

Lemongrass Hill

Registration Fees:

· Dentists: Rs.950 for 2 Days lectures

· UG/PG Students: Rs.750 for 2 Days lectures

· Rs. 2000 for each Hands on workshops with provision to attend all other lectures

· Add Rs.750 for Saturday Dinner and Fellowship

· All delegates are eligible for coffee breaks, Lunch and AIOI Certificate on all the days.

Saturday  November  19

8.00  A.M.   Registration Welcome  beverages and Breakfast

9.00  A.M. - 11.00 A.M.  Scientific Paper presentations

11.15 ( 60 minutes)

Management of discrepancies in developing dentition

Early orthodontic interventions are often initiated in the developing dentition to promote favourable developmental changes and remove or suppress those that are unfavourable. Early interceptive orthodontics can eliminate or reduce the severity of a developing malocclusion, the complexity of orthodontic treatment, overall treatment time and cost. It is an important factor that is often overlooked in the case of developing dentition.

Dr.Sebastian Abraham

A highly motivated,Empathetic and result oriented Orthodontist passionate about dentofacial anomalies and Has numerous publications in National  and International journals and has authored a book on Sleep Apnoea

12.15 ( 60 minutes)

Evolving trends in digital image receptor- “How to choose sensors in daily practice.”

Digital imaging has become more popular in dental offices due to several factors, including less radiation to patients, less equipment and supplies to purchase in the future and, most importantly, the gray-scale resolution that is vital in diagnosing diseases and conditions. As with any equipment purchase, dentists need to decide what type of digital system works best with their practice with respect to hardware and software, what are the current trends in Image receptors, cost etc. This lecture will focus how to select a digital image receptor in your daily practice which fulfill your needs.

Dr Rahul. R

Passionate teacher, with 10yrs of academic experience, and exclusive practice in TMD & Dental sleep medicine. He has undergone various couses in Neuromuscular dentistry and started treating TMD since 2017.

02.00 ( 45 minutes)

“Is tissue still the issue ?”

Soft tissue health is critical to the patient's perception of a successful restoration. Healing around dental implants is affected by the patient's health, soft and hard tissue contours, and the use and care of the prosthesis, surgical augmentation and placement, and the design of the definitive prosthesis. It is necessary to closely coordinate the surgical and restorative aspects of patient care, in order to achieve the desired esthetic and functional results. Obtaining predictable tissue anatomy is always a challenge to the clinician. This lecture address the soft tissue dynamics for implant planning.

Dr Lalith V Anand

Dr Lalith is the director of PRALASH DENTIQUE, and the Vice Principal in M.R.Ambedkar Dental College & Hospital, Bangalore. He’s done his PhD in Periodontics, Masters in Oral Implantology from New York University, College of Dentistry, USA, Fellowship in Oral Implantology from New York University, College of Dentistry, USA.

02.45 ( 45 minutes)

Venturing Veneers-Elucidated!

Veneer Restorations in the anterior teeth create stunning esthetic results, retaining considerable amount of healthy tooth structure. Long term success of Veneers not only depends on clinical and laboratory techniques but also on the inclusion-exclusion criteria and patient maintenance.  This presentation reviews the most commonly used clinical technique for Indirect Veneer Restorations.

A ‘Meticulous’ Academician and Clinician in esthetic restorative dentistry, Dr Vijayshankar L Virupaksha has a number of presentations in National and International Conferences

Dr Vijayshankar L Virupaksha

04.00 ( 45 minutes)

Koc/kos implants, king of single piece,(kompression screw) and its wide range of applications

KOC/KOS Implants are the present and future generation implants which have a wide range of applications in the oral cavity where conventional implants have no way. These implants are invented and marketed by Dr.Stefan K.A Ihde .He was the student of prof. Leonard I. Linkow  (1926-2017)who was the legend in oral  implantology and the only dentist nominated for Nobel prize. KOC/KOS  Implants  can be used in edentulous areas where no alveolar bone at all and that is the popularity of these implants.

Dr Benny Augustine is practising General   Dentistry since 1993 and diverted his practice to strategic implantology 10 years back. He has completed more than 1500 implant cases. He completed his implantology course at the international implant foundation  Munich, Germany. Dr Benny Augustine is a dedicated clinician and passionate about strategic implantology. He was the past vice president of the Indian dental association, Kerala state  and central council member

Dr Benny Augustine

05.00 ( 60 minutes)

Design your Life

After listening to

Dr.Rajiv Verma we are sure you will Smile for Life. A life changing experience awaits you.

A graduate of Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Rajiv Verma is in the field of dentistry for 35+ long years, his command on the subject of Clinical Prosthodontics has been witnessed till date by more than 30000+ dentists & 4000+ hands-on course participants in his 800+ lectures, presentations, live on patient demos, live on video shows  His is one of the longest-running course in India.

Dr Rajiv Verma.


Hands-on workshop    19th November  2 PM -5 PM

Occlusal evaluation in TMD

The role of occlusion as an etiologic factor in temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD) is a controversial subject. It sometimes elicits strong emotions and is often discussed at a highly empirical level. Many dentists believe that occlusal discrepancies are an important etiologic factor in TMD, and their belief is reinforced by successful results following occlusal treatment. There has even been a movement within dentistry over the past few decades to minimize the role of occlusion in TMD and to deemphasize the study of occlusion in dental education. However, a review of the current literature specifies that, despite the fact that the aetiology of TMD is probably multifactorial, completely discounting the role of occlusion may be an inappropriate interpretation. This lecture and hands-on focus on the clinical points to evaluate occlusion in TMD and digital evaluation of occlusion in 3 dimensions.

- Dr.Rahul R.

Sunday  November  20

09.00 ( 45 minutes)

'Stress & Dental practice.'

Stress is a silent killer.chronic stress brings hazardous effects on our mind & body. Supressing or ignoring emotions is against biology.Based on these fundamentals of mind- body interactions he has conducted many workshops on stress management in dental practice.The Skill enhancement workshops for harmonizing interpersonal relationships helps the dental fraternity for an excellent work life integration. He aims at quality practice and quality life for the dental surgeons by equipping the dental surgeons with necessary soft skills to have the wonderful feel of a proud  & happy  dental surgeon.

Dental practice management coach with 26 yrs of successful clinical practice.Former chairman of the council on Dental health - IDA Kerala & National IDA award winner. Focusing on system-driven dental practice management.

Dr.Abdul Latheef KH

09.45 ( 45 minutes)

Laughing gas meant for adults or children?

Pain and anxiety are twin brothers.

When anxiety increases, pain increases multifold.

Nitrous oxide is suitable for all age groups; As fear and anxiety are considerably reduced.

-Patient will be absolutely relaxed .

⁃    Patient gives meaningful response upon communication.

⁃    Safest, as it is least potent

⁃    Quick and fast action

⁃    Titration is possible. ⁃    Immediate recovery ⁃    Able to drive  vehicle and operate machinery solo

ls to have the wonderful feel of a proud  & happy  dental surgeon.

Dr Sunil Mohammed M did his BDS from Maharashtra. He later completed MDS in pedodontics in 2001 from Davanagere. He has  been into clinical practice as well as academics since then. He has held positions as  He has been presented ABCD of NOIS during national level CDE by IDA kerala state & Pierre Fauchard academy.        He is currently the course modulator at Saveetha dental College Chennai

Dr Sunil Mohammed

10.30 ( 45 minutes)

Fractured tooth fragment reattachment An Aesthetic dentist who has been doing minimal invasive procedures in a predictable way. Coronal fractures of the anterior teeth are a common form of dental trauma. It has a severe impact on the social and psychological well-being of a patient. Among the various treatment options, reattachment of a crown fragment is a conservative treatment that should be considered.

Dr Tom Jose is a cosmetic dentist who has completed his post-graduate certification course in Aesthetics from Manipal. He conducts comprehensive cosmetic dentistry hands-on workshops for budding dentists for couple of years as a passionate teacher.

Dr.Tom Jose

12.15 ( 60 minutes)

What constitutes negligence??

Dentistry, like any other field of science, has developed enormously over the last few decades. Medical litigation has also developed at par with medical sciences. Knowledge of what constitutes negligence in medical science and how to address the litigation is important for a practitioner. This presentation gives an insight into these areas.

Maxillofacial surgeon having a background of Law and management. Has given presentations nationwide and international. Currently Head of the Dept of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery , Govt Medical College, Konni .

Dr.George Skariah P.


Hands-on workshop    20 th November  2 PM -5 PM

Injection Molding and The Bioclear Technique for Composites-Hands on Posterior Teeth

​Direct composites are underappreciated in today's world of implants and computer-assisted ceramics Yet, composites can sometimes be less invasive and more natural. Esthetic treatments, including diastema closure, black triangle closure, Class I, Ill and IV composite restorations are just the start of what can be done with the Bioclear Technique.

Dr.Tom Jose

Hands-on workshop    20th November  5 PM -8 PM

Practical Dental Photography - Hands on

* Need for photography in dentistry. * Limitations of Mobile phone photography * Introduction to DSLR/ Lens/ Lights * Gadgets used for intra oral  photography * Tips on editing/ storing / Retrieving. * Tips on general photography

Dr Binu T Abraham


  • Dentistry 2022

    • Dentists: Rs.950 for 2 Days of lectures • UG/PG Students: Rs.750 for 2 Days of lectures • Rs. 2000 for each Hands-on workshop with provision to attend all other lectures • Add Rs.750 for Saturday Dinner and Fellowship • All delegates are eligible for coffee breaks, Lunch, and AIOI certificates on all days.

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