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The CDE Programs


Dr.Lalith V Anand

FREE Lecture

New Gen Graft Materials 


10 AM to 11 AM

Autogenous Graft From Extracted Teeth  

Demo and Hands-on  Saturday 12.15  PM to 02.15  PM  -


The clean and the dry tooth is ground using a specially designed 'Smart Dentin Grinder' > The sorted particulate dentin is processed to dissolve all organic debris and bacteria > Then, the particulate is washed by sterile saline. The bacteria-free particulate dentin is ready for immediate grafting. Supported by Sark Health Care& Kometa Bio

Dr Moez I Khakiani.jpg

Dr. Moez Khakiani

FREE Lecture

Partial Bonded Restorations... a new era!

11 AM to 12 PM


Partial Bonded Restorations  

Demo and Hands-on   Saturday 02.30  PM to 05 PM - Rs.2480+GST >Preparation of posterior tooth to receive an overlay type restoration >Recommended impression technique for partial bonded restorations >Protocols for immediate provisionalization > Bonding of overlay to prepared abutment tooth. Supported by 3M


Dr.Kedar Bakshi

FREE Lecture

The versatility  of dental  implants  

10 AM to 11 aM


Demo and practice on how to do consulting to patients with occlusion problems 
Importance of dysfunction
You will learn.
Sunday 12.30 to 3.30 Rs.980+GST
To diagnose>full mouth cases with cause and effect relationship and dysfunction> Practical... How to explain the treatment plan and occlusal problems to patients>
How to achieve improved prognosis in day to day practice and in advanced nature cases>
Occlusion for implants and natural dentition>
Airway and related topics for diagnosis and what to incorporate in your treatment plan.>
Stability of occlusion


Get videos on consulting.. 
Online Course on secrets of dental occlusion 
Worth Rs . 999/- with registration.

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Dr.Tom Jose

FREE Lecture  

11 AM to 12 PM


Demo and Hands-on Finish to Polish . Sunday 12.30 to 3.30 Rs.2480+GST.



Coltene-Synergy D6 syringe -A2/B2 + Kenda CGI Mini Polishing kit FREE  for all Hands-on participants



Shaping with diamond bur & TC burs > primary anatomy creation > secondary anatomy > discs and brushes > glossy glass-like finishing > protocols for long-lasting polishing of composites


Supported by Coltene

11 dic 2021, 11:00 GMT+5:30
Lemongrass Hill
Mini Exhibition
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